Welcome to Sherri L. Henderson & Associates, LLC

Sherri L. Henderson & Associates will expertly guide and support dentists through the most important event of their dental career. As a team of professionals, we want their transition experience to be impeccable.

Your dental practice plays an emotional and integral role in your life and personal fulfillment. Selling, purchasing, or transitioning a dental practice is a milestone, and you deserve to celebrate without worry, stress, or problems. You can enjoy this life changing event, but you will need an experienced group who has firsthand experience in your specific situation.

At SLH & Associates, LLC, our team of professionals each have decades of experience in their respective areas of expertise, from dental consulting and real estate, to dentistry and dental practice management. We understand all aspects of practice transitions from being former associates, partners to having bought and sold dental practices personally. We will make all the intricate details exciting and rewarding so that you will get the best financial return possible.

Contact SLH & Associates, LLC to discuss how to make your practice sale or transition a successful and rewarding experience. We serve clients all across Texas.

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